New River Valley - Our Philosophy

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We want to be Your Dentist!

We pride ourselves in doing our best to be helpful. We have a friendly, experienced staff that can answer most questions in a way that makes working with us a pleasure. We attempt to keep up with current technology, while not losing sight of the fact that each person coming to us has individual wants and needs.

What it all comes down to in the end is relationships and we want to begin one with you and your family. Here is how we view your responsibilities to you:

  • You will be asked how you want to be treated before we treat you.
  • You will be treated as gently as possible in every procedure.
  • You will be offered the most appropriate anesthesia needed.
  • You will have a DentalChairPotato to help you focus on music, video, or television instead of the negative dental stimuli.
  • You will be given oral medications when appropriate to help you relax.

Many people have a dentist that they see from time to time.  We want our clients to say that we are their dentist because of our care and our expertise in dentistry.

We start our relationship with a complete examination.  This includes cleaning your teeth, taking the appropriate x-rays, doing a complete oral examination and recording the findings, taking photographs of old fillings and all oral conditions, studying the findings and formulating the optimum treatment plan with any options.  At a second visit we sit down and review what we found with you, present treatment options, cost, and time requirements.  Then YOU decide what treatment YOU want.  We will answer your questions and help you make good decisions.  Once treatment is decided upon, we set up financial arrangements and a series of appointments to fulfil your desires.  We can do complete or partial treatment in some cases.  The important thing that we do is help you make an informed decision about best treatment based on your abilities, needs and desires.

We hope to see you soon!